Sharing files

This module is disabled at the moment

From the files workspace you can easily share files on the network.

In the top-left toolbar you’ll see a round icon:


You’ll be prompted with a dialog, which will create a seed on the network. Now all you have to do is drag files from your filemanager and drop them inside this dialog.

You can store as many files/directories as you want in the seed (but be reasonable). For each file you can specify the pin request parameters (how many peers you’d want to pin this file).

You can also add a file from the clipboard by clicking on the clipboard button (the current clipboard item will be used).

Once you’re ready enter the Seed name and description. When people search for files it is matched against the seed name, so choose something appropriate.

Hit OK and the seed will be created, and instantly available for others.


There’s a tab called File sharing in the files workspace. From here you can search for files shared by others.

Click on a file you’d like to fetch in the search results. On the far-right there’s a combobox with the following options:

  • Pin: will pin all the files in the seed

  • Pin and download: will pin all the files, and download them in your Downloads directory (in the seeds subfolder)

  • Download only: don’t pin, but download the files