IPFS networks

The main IPFS network is the default network that an IPFS node will connect to.

Given the large size of the main network, there can be a significant performance cost associated with the necessity of maintaining network connections with so many peers.

Luckily, IPFS supports private networks, where nodes within the private network use a common private swarm key and only communicate with the peers that possess this key. This has many advantages, one of them being better node performance.

galacteek supports switching between the different available IPFS networks. Note that you can only change the IPFS network if you’re connecting with a local IPFS daemon, as this requires writing the swarm key in the repository.

How to change the IPFS network


In the statusbar (bottom-right), next to the rotating IPFS cube button, there’s a button to select the IPFS network. Click on this button and select the network you want to join.