Atom feeds


There is support for subscribing to Atom feeds on the dweb (it will only work with feeds that are hosted on IPFS, for example from your profile’s Atom feed).

When you subscribe to an Atom feed on the dweb, by default the entries contained in the feed will automatically be pinned to your node.

Profile’s feed

Your profile has a DAG associated with it, that gets updated when the profile’s website (the blog for example) changes. Your website has an Atom feed attached to it, so that others can easily follow what you post.

Subscribing to a feed

From a peer

Open the peers manager and double-click on the peer that you want to follow, showing you the list of services for this peer. Look for the feed service and double-click on it. This will subscribe to this peer’s Atom feed.

From a URL

From the toolbar, click on the Atom icon which will open the Atom feeds view, and select Subscribe to an Atom feed from URL.

You can also just copy the IPFS feed’s path/URL to the clipboard, and from the clipboard item button select Subscribe to Atom feed

From the browser

If you come across a link to an Atom feed on a webpage, just right-click the link and select Follow Atom feed