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One of the main problems that the "modern web" suffers from is that there is no well-defined data model (it is document-based, you could argue that the document, the DOM, is the model). This, combined with the fact that it's completely locked in the server-client paradigm, means you're never in control of what happens with your data.

dvoz, like many Qt-based apps, relies heavily on the MVC (model-view-controller) design pattern. In this case, the model is a SparQL model (a Qt model that contains the results of a SparQL query executed on one of the RDF graphs). The view can be anything you want (a ListView is the most common).

With galacteek, the peers exchange linked data (through SparQL queries). If a person writes an article, or a forum post, other peers will pull these objects and merge it in their RDF graph. dvoz offers a simple presentation (view) of the data in the graph. Because everything is linked, you can reply to, or follow anything that others have published.


If you have skills in QML, your help is more than welcome ! Improving the forum sections dataset is also a priority.