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You can help this project by becoming a sponsor via the following platforms (Ko-fi or Liberapay are the preferred platforms). Please send an email if you make a crypto donation.

Thank you to all who've donated in the past or who are currently sponsoring.

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BTC: 1Cgwbzi6R4TgWp7AG67BPwYY1iz15ATR7A

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XMR: 46CAwqF4zwjL3Pe1oxtr2AGbmzLFY4rp6eAGkiDbAfYnYCAx8C47dex2XGb6VqXDUoYEZmemLzKxT1wkjFU6ebk23DensvR


ETH: 0xaB3C8911D5C59bAdF797C546D7Fb56A00e4355dd