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galacteek is a multi-platform Qt5-based browser and a P2P dapps (aka distributed apps) platform for the distributed web. It relies on the IPFS peer-to-peer technology.

galacteek nodes exchange linked data over peer-to-peer, encrypted channels. The goal of this P2P linked data engine is to facilitate serverless, censorship-free person-to-person communications, using an evolvable vocabulary. Take a look at dvoz, the core dapp.

The P2P dapps are written with the QML language and are stored on the distributed web (with IPFS). For more information on how to use dapps, see the dapps documentation

Installation with Flatpak:

flatpak install
flatpak run io.gitlab.galacteek.Galacteek

Download Flatpak Docker image Demos Telegram channel Matrix room Gitlab Sponsor with liberapay

Go to this page to download the software

Running a galacteek node

For instructions on how to run a node with Docker, please visit this page


  • Decentralized Identifiers (DID) support with IPID
  • Semantic dweb agent (distributed RDF graph)
  • Browser-to-browser DID authentication over libp2p streams (Verifiable Credentials with RSA-PSS)
  • Browsing sessions with automatic pinning (pins every page you browse)
  • Distributed chat with pubsub (chat channels syncronized with CRDT+DAG)
  • Support for remote pinning services
  • File manager with drag-and-drop support and timeframes (per-day view of files in the MFS)
  • File sharing
  • BitTorrent to IPFS bridge
  • Gemini support
  • Tor support
  • Simple messenger based on the Bitmessage protocol
  • Search content with the ipfs-search search engine as well as with cyber
  • Built-in blog with Atom feeds
  • Webcam to IPFS capture (image and videos)
  • Basic built-in media player with playlists based on linked-data
  • Image viewer and QR codes support
  • Use the IPFS filestore to avoid file duplication
  • ENS (Ethereum Name Service) resolving (access to ENS+IPFS websites)
  • Run WASM binaries with wasmer (use Open on a WASM object from the clipboard manager)


You can send an email here.

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