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How to run a node

To run a galacteek node, all you need is a Linux system with docker.

By running a node you can help with the testing of the pronto network. To get an idea of how pronto works, checkout this page.

To pull the image and run a node in a Docker container, use the following commands (pimp-my-dweb image):

mkdir $HOME/galacteek-docker
sudo docker pull
sudo docker run -p 5900:5900 -v $HOME/galacteek-docker:/home/galacteek -t

In this example, the data and graphs created by galacteek will be persisted in the $HOME/galacteek-docker directory.

The password to access the VNC service is printed to the console when starting the container. Find the IP address of your container with:

docker inspect <container-id>|grep IPAddress

You can now use any VNC client to access the node's UI (TCP port 5900)