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URL schemes

  • ipfs://
  • ipns://
  • ipid://
  • dweb:/
  • ens://
  • gemini://
  • gopher://
  • magnet:// (webtorrent)
  • ipfs+http(s)://
  • ipfs+gemini://

P2P features

  • Decentralized Identifiers (DID) support with IPID
  • Semantic dweb agent (distributed RDF graph)
  • Browser-to-browser DID authentication over libp2p streams (Verifiable Credentials with RSA-PSS)
  • ENS (Ethereum Name Service) resolving (access to ENS+IPFS websites)
  • Distributed chat with pubsub (chat channels syncronized with CRDT+DAG)
  • Simple messenger based on the Bitmessage protocol


  • ChatGPT integration: completions, image generations, translations and live QML apps (autoloads the QML code generated by the chatbot)


  • Pyramids: easily create and publish dwebsites with the following tools

    • mkdocs: static site generator that's geared towards building project documentation
    • hugo: static website generator
  • Browsing sessions with automatic pinning (pins every page you browse)

  • Search content with the ipfs-search search engine as well as with cyber
  • Built-in blog with Atom feeds
  • Basic built-in media player with playlists based on linked-data
  • Support for remote pinning services
  • File manager with drag-and-drop support
  • BitTorrent to IPFS bridge
  • Webcam to IPFS capture (image and videos)
  • Use the IPFS filestore to avoid file duplication
  • dweb Image viewer with support for QR codes


  • Support for Gempub archives
  • Run WASM binaries with wasmer (use Open on a WASM object from the clipboard manager)